Youtube Colla Blessing

Thank you so much to Kazu for letting me upload this on my channel! Thank you all so much for your hard work and it was fun to collaborate with you all! Kazu, take it away~

*Kazu’s note*:

Hey guys!
Let me just start off by saying that I’m really thankful for the singers, the mixers, the animators in joining on this. You guys are the best!
The message that we wanted to share with this song is that ‘A new year means a fresh start’ and we showed that through the color of the costumes for the characters (white = clean slate, fresh start). All the tough times we faced, all the regrets we faced all have a meaning and it connects to us becoming a better person.
This message doesn’t go just for new years, but also for every year of your birthday! Obviously, a lot of people want to remain young, but it’s not something to be sad about. Every year makes you a better person, and also gives you the feel that you are alive and you have accomplished something. (says the 21 year old)

Thanks for listening to our chorus, and blessings for your birthday, blessings for your
happy new year ^^

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