World of Warcraft Orc Cosplay Tutorial / Jordan Hanz

Hey, I really LOVED this tutorial and i was thinking of doing the male version for a cosplay this june but I don’t know what product to use on the lips for a kind of “nude” lips effects sincemale orcs (lol) can’t wear red relipstick , any suggestions ? ( thank you in advance).

Fellow nerd here! I’m about to make this even NERDIER, because I’m about to re-do this look but with gray paint for my D&D game tonight…my character is a half-orc.<3 World of Warcraft too! But…for the alliance! Thanks for posting this girl, it’s legit!

What the everliving fuck. I am officially the creepy girl with weird videos who comments on people’s videos who she will never know, but I AM AMAZED. I can’t handle this. You’re the absolute best. Mind fucked.

so freaking wicked! i’ve always loved wow and was so happy once you started doing these tutorials. I know its been said before but if u did a female troll or a draenei that would be so awesome.

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