Hi, white-haired girl from the video here. Our draenei doesn’t have a tutorial, per se, but she does have an album on our FB page with several in progress photos that give you a pretty good idea of what she did. facebook dot com/mythoscreations Then if you click into the photo albums, scroll down and the album is called Tsukiko’s Draenei progress photos.

There’s a method that involved a high heeled pair of boots with the heel cut off. That’s what I did, and its not easy, but it looks ok. the actual hoove at the bottom was probably cast out of resin or plastic or something? I don’t know. Here’s the site that I used to reference mine.

I love that you used the song “Lions” by Lights. So perfect since it was inspired by and written about WoW! I actually just saw her in concert last night…after getting home from All-Con…where I saw these three cosplayers. xD So awesome!

WOW (lol, how many people will use that pun), that’s some serious craftsmanship and detail in these costumes! Very nice video! Although I’m not sure if I’m a fan of this “filming while the cosplayers are getting ready” direction.

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