World of Warcraft Cosplay AT Anime Expo 2009

WoW Cosplay at Anime Expo 2009. Priest costume was made by Cynthia and worn by me (odd looking asian female with no be ears because they got cut off in an epic battle) on Saturday. The blood knight is Donovan and the other Blood Elf Priests are Cynthia and Lindsey (the be with red lipstick on).

I used to be a size 00 and weigh 108 pounds with the measurements 32-22-32. I need to be that thin or even quite possibly 50 pounds lighter to cosplay a blood elf because that’s what they look like in real life. you aint fat, you skinny, maybe not BE skinney, theyre anorixic, nah your more a human skinned NE or just a human…your still wicked hot either way.

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