World of Warcraft Blood Elf Cosplay Tutorial / Jordan Hanz

In this video, learn the contour and highlight techniques to make this blood elf cosplay from the blizzard game World of Warcraft. Blood elves are beautiful and striking, with bright green eyes and slender faces. They make a perfect cosplay for someone wanting to look intense and sexy at the same time.

I loved watching her mouth curse words when she forgot the primer It was funny and also kinda proved to some of her less intelligent viewers that she doesn’t curse to “look cute”. It’s a natural reaction.

Are those the Dolly eyes lenses from PP or something else? Also, kudos for already having your contacts in. I keep seeing people putting in contacts over makeup which is a super bad idea.

Your eyebrows that long make you look absoluety stunning. I think you should consider making them a little longer than usually on the regular. It makes your face look skinnier and just gorgeous.

Really? It’s funny because I’ve been kind of considering changing up my brows because sometimes they can look too thick and short. I’m so glad you told me that, I am going to definitely change them up now!

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