Worbla Horn Tutorial – FFXIV Summoner Cosplay

Also what you could do is getting polymorph which is basically the same as far as ive experienced, and since it often comes in pebbles, it is cheaper, and the only thing you have to do is warm it up with water.

Sebastien, Worbla is also very expensive here in Australia. It’s not really viable for me to use it. But, you can coat XPS foam with wood filler (the type you buy in a tube is easiest). It seals the foam, is super-easy to sand and carve, paints really well, and is quite cheap.

Ever thought of taking the foam out of the horn after covering it in Worbla? It is something I will need to do because my headpiece with 4 horns turned out to be too heavy.

Every time I see a new video of yours has been posted I know I’m in for a treat. Your costumes are so impressive and I love that you take the time out of your day to show us how you make them.

Hahaha “Do you know what’s better than big horns…? BIG BOOKS! Buy my books!” I love it. Right to the point without us feeling like you’re trying to force us lol. As always you do brilliant tutorials and I’ve also seen your earlier videos. Your progression since then is AMAZING from cosplay to your English! Keep it up please!

I had to add horns to my pauldrons for my Magus of Tzeentch. Good thing I had a pair of real steer horns in my crafting things to use as a model. I rubbed the horns with a little vaseline and covered them with strips of scrap worbla until they were covered. This resulted in a good knotty knobby texture. When the worbla cooled I just removed it from the real horn and attached it to my pauldron with another strip of worbla.

Point is, you use what ya got laying around. I’m the kind of girl that has real steer horns laying around. I mostly have them laying around because the guy that commissioned the viking helmet flaked out on me….

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