What’s Up with the Outfits in Final Fantasy XV

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Yes i think it fits very well the characters, the story and the overall feel of FF15’s world. Also black and dark colors in general are the best for clothing: easy to match, . I mean bright colors are fine for T-shirts and a few types of button down shirts, but otherwise they are just pretty much an eyesore.

Cheers for spoiling FF LR Still playing it at the moment. In future please be careful or warn viewers either in the description or in the video that a massive spoiler of a game that isnt too old is contained.

Dean Weiss apology accepted. of course that is a fair assumption for most and I cannot dispute that, but some consideration may it a brief note in the description would be much appreciated for those who may be affected.

As for the old costumes, I do REALLy prefer Noctis’s old costume. I thought it was perfectly gothic. I’m obviously into that shit. As for Square-Enix’s new outlook on how costumes work, I think they know they are partially known for the costumes they create, thus they are playing on how the games story is set more in reality. So they are giving the asian fans(or those others who are able to fit the clothes) a new fun option to dress up casually as the characters they love.

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