I’m not looking for such cosplays, this one looks hella heavy and of course it’ll cost a lot. I’m looking for simple cosplays. But i guess my sister and i will be sewing the cosplays. Do you think sewing a cosplay costs less than buying it? But it’s worth it anyways.

Hey could u make a video where u show what material and how u make cosplay ? that would be great if some one like me would like to see how the pro is doin it.

make Hollywood hire you as THE Harley Quinn! Like, puddn-please, with a really twisted cherry on top?? My heart is sad every day that u are not HQ! Christian Bale v. Jessica Nigei. The world would just end in an eternal blizzard of pure awesome!

There’s a video of her making this exact costume. Check out more of her videos and You’ll see it. She’s very talented at what she does and dedicated to the characters she creates, give her some credit for it.

you have a great body and I want to know how do you keep it fit ! I mean I am so lazy to work out , I want to know what you do ?! by the way you’re an amazing woman with weird perks , I love your cosplays and channel !

I really hope you get this/this is really you. first off id like to say Rest in peace Christina Grimmie. And second please be careful. to me you’re one of those other amazing people out there. youre videos have always made my day. This whole situation is sad I just don’t want anymore good people brought down by shitbags.

I’ve been subscribed for I don’t know how long exactly, but I only found out yesterday that you’re voice actor for RWBY. Been watching that show also since the beginning. Didn’t recognice the voice at all until I checked all actors from Imdb. I’m such a dummie.

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