Warcraft: Garona’s Armor – DIY Prop Shop

We build so many amazing weapons and props, we wanted to offer a show where you at home could build them yourself! Follow along with our hosts as they show you how to build awesome props and cosplay from all of your favorite movies & games, without breaking the bank! This is DIY Prop Shop (Special Cosplay Edition)!

A little bit the “that’ll do” approach, bot nothing too bad. but. One important thing – weathering. It’s what make’s a piece complete in my opinion. But a quick look through google images shows that there isn’t much of it in the original piece, which is sad.

To be honest if ther’s going to apear more cosplay in future of this chanel i would like to see cosplay of Lotus from Warframe, but coming back to regular DIY i would like to see Kurio from Warframe or The Artifact from Spiral Knights.

Very cool video DIY, loving the effort and work you put into this and all your series. This one helped ease a lot of my concerns regarding doing my own cosplay, especially regarding armor. Could you possibly cover how to do helmets and possibly hoods/cloaks next episode? A friend and I are thinking about doing a Darkest Dungeon cosplay of the Crusader or Bounty Hunter and Vestal and I have no idea how to do the headgear properly.

Can you do a video on how to be Hitman I think that’d be a very interesting video and I am gonna copy and paste this to every video if I have to so you can make the video I really hope you can make a video on how to be Hitman thanks have a good day.

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