[UchihaHotline] WonderCon 2016 Vlog (Part 1) [ZOOTOPIA COSPLAY, MINOR SPOILER WARNING!]

Minor spoiler warning for those who haven’t watched Zootopia/Zootropolis yet! But no huge plot ones or anything so if you haven’t seen it some of the references might just go over your head haha.

I apologize for deleting this video yesterday. I had some rendering issues that lasted until now and couldn’t fix a problem with the vlog. But now it’s up! Yay!!!

We finally got someone to film behind the scenes of one of our photoshoots and I really love it! This vlog alternates between Kevin (Nick), Emily (Clawhauser), Conrad (Bogo), and I (Judy) taking turns with the camera so it’s something refreshing rather than just me and Kevin vlogging the whole time!

Car Adventures, Sushi Burritos, and BTS! I haven’t had this much fun at a convention in a long time and I hope this vlog really takes you on this trip with us! Cosplaying with such a large group was so exciting and fun hehe I miss them already.

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Can people just chill out or is that not possible because this is YouTube? We are not actually the Zootopia characters and we’re just having fun. Saying you will kill us will not change anything about the movie and what it is nor will it change this video.

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