Top 10 Best Overwatch Cosplays

The Death Warrior It’s actually not that good tbh – I like Tina Kinz too, but the wings are super flat and the outfit itself really isn’t too complicated. Seen better, but also seen worse.

lets be honest here people, when the picture of the widowmaker cosplayer next to the tracer cosplayer came up, who else wanted them to just make out right there.

the girl dressed as D.VA was ugly but props to her for actually making the Mecha the zenyata one was actually pretty good it would be even greater if he could some how levitate I’m gonna think of ways he could made it look like he was levitating ah ha I know he could of got a remote control seat that had a strong enough foundation with a thin seat and he could of rode around with is legs crossed saying pass into the iris.

Lets all admit it, the only costumes that look like they straight out came out of the game are the Widowmaker and the Bastion, they look fucking amazing and as close to the actual thing as they can get.

TBH the dva one was pretty cool I had an idea for it though, maybe you could have like blowup legs scrunched up to make it look like she had her legs all the way back there but her legs would actually be the mech’s legs, and they could detach? I thought it was a good idea but eh probably not that good.

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