To Fake FFXIV Leather Armor of Summoner

It has been fun watching a full build from start to finish even if it took awhile. Do more step by step videos taking us through cosplays it gives me so much motivation to work on you own.

After watching videos and following your progress it was cool too met you in person wearing it! There are really giving many useful advices in professional yet funny way. I hope it’s okay if I ask, whether you know any technics for stiffening, for example skirt, with some fabric? I am working on skirt which I want to be round (I’m not sure if it’s the right word for it).

This was really helpful to see the different steps, especially for beginners! Your explanations are really great, the video is fun. What do we need more. We can’t wait to see more of your videos.

Pets are so helpful. I know quality details when I see them. Really excellent work! Have you used the spray paint on shiny fake leather? I am going to be making armour using some vynil that was a bargain but it is white and I need to gray it up a bit so it doesn’t look too much like storm troopers. If the surface is too smooth though I’m worried the paint will flake off.

These tutorials were really helpful and glad to see that you’ve enjoyed yourself at Fanfest fellow Eorzean! I’ve always enjoyed work and skills as trying to complete Nanamo but was always stuck when it came to accessories and working with Worbla. Awesome and love lots! Keep up the good work!

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