Throwback Cosplay – Mie-Rose as Shego from Kim Possible!

On today’s trek around the interwebs to find the best and coolest fan-made content, I found something that gave me a lot of warm fuzzy feelings, and I hope it does for you too.

I bet you recognize her without me needing to even put it in the title. If you don’t, or have forgotten this particular part of your childhood, Shego was the snarky, hard-kicking, energy-superpowered “sidekick” of Dr. Drakken, primary villain of Disney Channel animated series (remember those?) Kim Possible. I say “sidekick” in the heaviest of air quotes, because she was smarter, snarkier, tougher, and all-around better prepared to be evil (or at least slightly devious, this was a Disney channel show after all) than the proper antag.

And today she’s brought to life by Denmark-based cosplay artist Mie-Rose! Active since 2006, Mie-Rose has an ever-growing gallery of cosplay awesomeness, which you can check out at her official facebook, or DeviantART gallery. Feel free to check out the rest! There’s a bunch of great stuff besides Shego, but I just had to feature her this time.

The green glow is photoshopped (sadly, we don’t have the cosplay technology to recreate Shego’s energy-blob superpower… YET). Photography and photo-editing are both courtesy of fellow artist KamiRenee.

A weird wishful thinking tangent, but looking at Mie’s face, I can’t help but think she’d make an amazing Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect. Is it just me?

This dedicated cosplay artist did a wonderful job of re-creating Shego’s costume, hair, makeup, and general attitude. The literal only thought I have is that it must be hard to find dark green wigs. Black totally works! I just always figured Shego’s hair was actually green (or maybe slightly glowy too?) because of the animation outline. It’s not a complaint though! Rock on, Mie-Rose!

And now, enjoy the rest of the awesome. Thanks so much for reading!

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