THRESH: MAKING A MONSTER | A League of Legends Documentary

We teamed up a community cosplayer with a professional prop maker to turn everyone’s favorite chain warden into a towering real-life monster! Here are some behind-the-scenes looks at the creation and performance of the thirteen foot tall Thresh puppet that debuted at PAX East. Cosplay on!

I’m not the judge of whether one is “better” than another. It’s a costume, so whether it is good or not is completely subjective. That said, there have definitely been ones I personally like better. Adam Savage has a few, to give one example.

It is not p2w at all. You do not get any advantage over enemies by paying real money, you can buy COSMETIC things like look skins and look colors, but thats just cosmetic, it looks cool but doesnt give any advantage, its a good game indeed, even though the community is really toxic.

I suppose you’re mad at them for holding a competitive series too, since that isn’t “fixing the game.” There’s not a single game made where all of the bugs are fixed because it’s practically impossible.

yea idk why hes so fucking tall and everything the guy at the end saying how everyone looked so thrilled butttt literally no one was in shock in aww. league is trash and you should feel bad! jk gj on it but seriously league is gay. dota better. skill wise and theres barely any retarteds.

Why couldn’t the arms be controlled with having some sort of mechanism hidden in the arms themselves? Just curious of the thought process and challenges you faced — by no means criticizing the work. It looks amazing.

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