This is blizzcon 2016 blizzard coplay music video vlog recap dji osmo phantom canon g7x

Just buy some foam and get going. I made my first helmet a few weeks ago and it looks shit. But it was so much fun making it. And I already know what to do better next time etc. Just believe in yourself Foam isn’t expensive. Throw on a good show and just craft some props!

Nice video! but hey, did you people realize that is Michael Scott from “the Office” at min. 6:17 holding a inflatable hammer? hahahaha that guy is the same face!

Wow. 60% were Overwatch. so thats apparently the new harley quinn. Also It’s sad that only the ones who dont wear much get recognized. The ones who arent 90-60-90 and worked hard for their shit are just left behind. Sadly sex sells.

The Overwatch cosplay and voice actors trying to be funny/cool is getting so tired and old. The game isn’t even that great. It got stale after a few weeks and competitive OW is about the most boring to watch.

I cannot express how awesome I love this video. That second song, I’ve listened to it sooo much and seeing all those awesome cosplays and just those people having fun. This is the kind of video I show other cosplayers and people who just don’t get why people have fun Cosplaying. It’s just so uplifting and shows the cosplay/gaming/nerd community for what it is, Awesome. Thanks for the video!

I kinda thought this was some weird video that pop up in my recommended feed. After watching half way, I must say the video quality is great. Good cuts with some nice drone, ala neistat, shots. Also thankful, not full of boobs and ass cosplayers. Some really great costumes like the rynhart opening. Keep it up, I am sure you will break 5k subs then 10k and 100k soon.

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