The Elder Scrolls Online – PAX West Day 1: Tailored in Tamriel

I rarely see that, I see it, but it’s rare, I see old fans hate on T.E.S.O more than T.E.S, and new fams more open, sorry I assumed though. I just see this a lot, where people claim that new players just should not exist and it annoys me, if no one new comes, a game just dies and they don’t get that, so again sorry I assumed.

This game gets alot of hate, and I’m not saying it’s perfect, but what exactly ARE the flaws? Aside from it being an mmo, and not what you wanted. I mean the designs and art is all surprisingly good there’s nothing wrong with voice acting, and as far as mmo’s get it’s one of the better ones.

i want in on this too the game was great, but the class system limited people and their ability to make an open class, sure it was still open and every so often there was a unique build, but just imagine all the options you could have without a class system, mixing a fire mage with medium armor for critical and stealth based abilities. imagine lunging at an enemy from behind while he didn’t see you, and setting him ablaze just after keeping the DPs going and negating his ability to heal, would if been great without the classes, well a little more great.

And here comes all the Elder Scrolls “fans” saying “fuck off with this eso bullshit and give us TES 6.” I know most you “fans” are little kids who should still be sucking of your mum tit, but let me educate you. To make a game takes time, especially for an Elder Scrolls game, it can’t be made over night because you demand it, so shut the fuck up and have patience, it will come eventually, so stop instantly disliking and hating on a game you’ve never played or played for 5 minutes and gave up as it’s not “Skyrim Online,” thinking that the more you complain the quicker TES 6 will come out, it doesn’t work like that you bunch of silly gooses, so go back to bed and cuddle next to your Winnie the Pooh plush toy.

If you want to pay for the subscription you get all added DLC included. Was probably not their initial intent to have the content cost extra. Just glad that they changed the subscription from mandatory to optional. Probably one of their smartest moves since the initial release of the game. I probably wouldn’t still be playing otherwise.

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