STAR WARS SLAVE LEIA Fan Cosplay Compilation Tribute | Collection THX1138

It was fun to do. I started it last year and abandoned it there were so many pics. wish I could give people credit. no way to know who took the pics. I didn’t use ones that were watermarked. cropping the photos & color correcting some was fun. I intentionally divided most screens into four sections. It happened to work out I could put four in each one that made sense together. its nice when things fall together semi-planned. or I should say its nice when the composition is planned and related images fit into it. that process made it a lot more interesting to do than randomly showing one pic at a time like all the pretty girl youtube slideshow click bait vids lol

too bad carrie fisher had to pass away but it was nice I had something in the works and presented it in my own way. in that sense I’m glad I waited to put it together. I wouldn’t have finished it had she not to tell you the truth. I’m still trying to get Xwing minis game vids up. I make a personalized production out of everything I have so many vids started not finished yet. crazy creative outlet hobby.

was also nice I had a kenny baker R2 vid up people could leave their respects on this past year when he passed away. if I hadn’t done that one I might not have done this one.

most of these costumes are pretty impressive. interesting how some are a bit different but still pass as replicas. no matter what type of costume the boots can make it look authentic imho

christie marie cosplay girl had a pro costume designer do hers is what I saw in an interview. she said its more of a production to put on on than it looks including using a screwdriver lol

one of the girls who did the disney crossover elizabeth rage shows how she did a regular costume in a vid. I wouldn’t doubt if she went to school to be a fashion or costume designer. its not easy. I’ve worked with industrial designers ie product designers and comp’d protoypes for a bike company among other products its a similar idea. people who paint minis and gaming terrain would appreciate the process. you have to have hand skills and a lot of patience. and occasionally slice your finger with an xacto lol helps a lot if you can draw. the more you use a computer the more literally out of touch you get. I was always the kid in school who could draw lol I could still do it if I had to fwiw but wouldn’t have patience to do a costume.

I made a tusken raider halloween costume when I was kid wish I had pics. I do halloween props for our yard haunt display every year lol ‘yardhaunt2000’ is my old youtube channel I could recreate the mask it was creative it used strips of brown paper bags on a posterboard strips frame and paper towel rolls painted silver for the eyes if you can picture that. I made a poncho of brown material for the actual ‘costume’ it got the idea across for trick or treat. one guy passing out candy knew what it was lol the gaderffii stick was paper towel rolls taped together with the paper bags over it to give it color and not look like paper towel rolls without having to paint it. the round disc end was two small paper plates sandwiched together and the spike was a rolled up paper cone ; fun stuff.

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