Star Wars Cosplay: Clone Trooper

No they don’t. SOmetime after the battle of Geonosis, they were assigned to specific divisions. And their colors were taken, and replaced wit the divisions color.

There’s a site where you can buy different kinds of armor from the Star Wars universe… for example, a Phase I Clone Trooper Armor is about $1 000 however… though, in my opinion, that’s the coolest armor ever in any sci-fi movie. Nothing’s cooler than the Grand Army of the Republic!

I understand that you have to make the costume but how do you do it. Because I stores don’t sell this stuff so do you go and use a laser something idk because this is inspiration all the way man amazing work.

Seats up clone trooper armour on google and check the shop section they are like $400 without the helmet gun or black suit so it’s gonna cost a lot.

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