Star Wars Celebration Best Cosplay 2015 #ThatCosplayShow

I think it’s stupid how people can be huge fans of star wars, yet they hate 3/6 of the movies, hate most of the characters, and insult the maker like crazy. Is this some kind of trick? I love all of it. And screw everybody, Jar-Jar is awesome.

Let me put a little perspective on this issue. A New Hope was a coming of age adventure film for the whole family that I saw when I was 9. The Phantom Menace was a children’s film I saw when I was 31 with no children. While the prequels really aren’t as bad as the nerd rage makes it sound, they were also not written for me. Imagine seeing Cars when you were expecting to see Fast and Furious.

That’s the best I’ve ever heard that explained, thank you. I first watched all of them when I was much younger, so I watched them all from a child’s perspective. And because of that, I thought that they were all amazing at the time, and I still think that they’re all amazing.

We were literally all over that con! It can be tricky to find us shooting because we don’t draw a crowd, unless the person we are interviewing is drawing a crowd (tends to happen). But overall, we move kinda fast. We tend to spend a lot of time in the front lobby areas if we’re in Anaheim or Los Angeles. Also the fountain-y area of Anaheim.

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