Star Wars Celebration Anaheim in HD

Star Wars Celebration is the Ultimate Fan experience for anyone who loves Star Wars with a passion. Amazing Cosplay, Sets, Props, sneak previews, Panels and more are just a few of many exciting things to spend four days immersed in!

I captured this in HD during my visit, and I’m pretty happy with the result. This was allot of fun, and I sincerely thank the awesome people who put this event together.

I think that one Chewbacca costume is probably the coolest, just out of how unique it is. There’s a ton of really awesome looking Mandalorian and clone armors, but only one Chewie.

I also really like the ARC Captain and ARC Trooper somewhere near the beginning, because the design had the cartoony/hand-drawn feel as if it were taken straight out of the 2003 Clone Wars microseries.

I wouldn’t call him a traitor, because he just thought Krell was right all along about the other Clones being “traitors”, until he realized he was evil. I think he did his brothers a favour in the end, when he shot him dead. I do hope we see him again soon..

The prequels were not the best but the clones are fucking awesome I still think phase 1 and 2 clone armor looks better than the new order stormtroopers armor and don’t forgot about the commando’s with their awesome armor.

I’m definitely going to SWC one of these years. It looks sooo awesome! I’ve never seen so many fellow star wars geeks together at one time, lol. That must have been so fun. So many clones and mandos. Those cosplays are amazing! I can’t believe they even had a Captain America clone, lol. And was it just me or did I see a Deadpool somewhere in there? Anyway, the vid is great. Awesome shots and cinematography! Woulda been sick to be there.

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