Sona Cosplay Instrument Build [League of Legends]

I made a video compilation of all the short clips I recorded when I made my Sona prop. There is about 4 hours of footage that I condensed into 8 minutes, but it took me several weeks to complete. I forgot to film the part after the newspaper. I covered it in paper mache (plaster strips) before I sanded and added layers of gesso.

how do you plan to wear that? I want to make a pentakill sona cosplay but I’m a bit concerned about how I will carry her instrument. So i was wondering how you plan to do it?

I might have more detail in my blog last post (link in bio) but I used clear fishing wire , it goes around my head, so the instrument is hanging, and against my stomach. I made a soft padding behind my neck so it is more comfortable.

I know you made this quite some time ago. But i’m planning on Cosplaying Sona in October of this year! The Etwahl’s are soo expensive for what i’ve seen. I’m planning to create my own. Do you still by chance have the dimensions for the cardboard cutouts and everything? Would be extremely helpful!

Thought I included it in my last tutorial post, sorry! In the picture I think it might have been PS’d out, but if you look at any other pictures of my Sona, you may be able to see that I used clear fishing wire. I had to string it from both ends, and also in the middle, to go around my head. And behind my neck I made a cushion so it doesn’t cut me. It was actually comfortable and I was able to walk around for hours with no problem.

How do I keep it floating up? I used fishing wire, I looped one piece that goes from one end to the other and around my neck. I added another loop in the middle for more support. I made a cushion behind my neck to make it more comfortable (the the wire is not cutting into me).

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