Revelation Online Cosplay Picture Collecting -2

We have provied some picture collecting on an article. Here are more picture collecting for HD view. There are more characters from Revelation Online in the video. You will see some cosplay from Anime Show on site picture. And there are also coaplay from Revelation Online Spokesperson.

Not only the battle set, but also skills show worth mentioning in Revelation Online, people will have a masterpiece of both visual sense. Although the game itself there are some flaws, but still able to see the developers effort in the production of this game.

Touching the game screen, a variety of colorful activities, features a copy of the system and dazzling wings, fairly good combat operation experience, people are greatly increased the impression of this game.

The developer cooperated with the writer Jiangnan. Using the writer different imagination creates an amazing world.

Revelation Online by virtue of seamless maps, high picture effects, double flight system, the role of private customization, innovation and combat mode, the Association building innovation breakthrough, favored by many players at home and abroad.

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