Raychul Reviews: Elder Scrolls Online

Witcher 3 is the only game I have ever played that did a good job of tying side quests into the main story.Hopefully developers will take a cue from it in the future.

Okay, ive watched your cosplay and loved it and some of your videos. but I had to subscribe to you after your “enchantment” DA input, I made me laugh harder than k have in a long while! much love.

the similarity and views I have of ESO compared to yours are almost identical. It’s kinda scary, cuz I hated Skyrim too! Honestly I think we are the only 2 people on the planet that have said those words “I hate skyrim”. I got torn a new one for saying it on the elder scrolls reddit forums LOL.

if you didn’t like Skyrim, did you like Oblivion or even play it? And furthermore what about Fallout 3 and New Vegas? I ask due to their gameplay/design similarities. I loved Skyrim hated Fallout 3 and loved New Vegas but its hard to explain just as to why.

I think every quest I have played so far has a ghost in it somewhere!, The dialogue interface and story presentation is so boring, and some of the animations for speech are funny and repetitive, (when they shrug the shoulders lol) I like my Leopard mount though!

There’s a mini-map add-on you can get, and also one that puts the location of all the books & skyshards on the map too. It’s not too spoilerish, & really helps you get an area complete quickly if you’re doing the various guild quests & so on.

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