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I like the costume too but if i have to pick something out that i think is wrong i have to say since its the teen titans TV show the hair should be shorter like in the TV show if you didn’t want to cut your hair shorter you could hide your hair under a wig that looks like Raven’s hair.

kay but like, my comment literally just explained why there’s actually no room for improvement because a shorter, good looking wig doesn’t exist.

if you’d only chill out you would know i said my opinion and how to improve and i didn’t know short haired wigs looked bad i personal never worn a wig so i’m no expert on wigs.

You make it look so easy! To anyone watching this who doesn’t know, cosplay in real life includes a lot more crying, throwing away things because they fit you like a potato sack, and panicking because you only have a week to make three capes and a full ballgown.

It’s true. I’m a beginner and Raven is my first cosplay (almost done, yay!!) and the belt was the worst part. Finding the right belt (to your own preference of course) takes time and patience. I got lucky and found a ringed chain at Jo-Ann Fabrics and had a very difficult time creating the resin jewels.

Excellent job, Elizabeth! I really like seeing the work that goes into these costumes, and how much attention and care you personally invest into the process. I was particularly blown away by the dedication you put into the Enchantress costume, it takes some serious passion to be willing to hand-link every single ring of metal to make those pieces of chainmail. Given the negative reputation attributed to so many female cosplayers, it’s really refreshing to see a young woman as gorgeous as any hired model…who puts any doubt to rest as to whether or not she’s personally a fan of the characters she plays or had anything to do with making the costume herself. You clearly have both expertise and passion, and it shows in your build. Regardless of how many nasty comments you’re bound to get on these YouTube videos from the underbelly of male teenage society (one of the perks of doing anything on the Internet), I think you’re doing some good work towards earning a bit more respect for attractive female cosplayers. You definitely have mine!

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