Princess Leia – Star Wars – DIY COSPLAY SHOP

Whether you’re brand new to Cosplay or an old pro, DIY Cosplay Shop will tell you all you need to know to turn yourself into your favorite character. We’ll break down the whole process step by step with simple tools and techniques anyone can use at home without breaking the bank.

My favourite part of this one was the bit at 3:58, the moment I went from thinking “wait, how are you going to make this look good?” to “Oh. That… that’ll do it.”. My second favourite part was the joke about making a tiny slave bikini for a dog.

The fanservicey parts came in third at best, not because it wasn’t good fanservice, but simply because I get enough of that stuff from all kinds of sources, and so sexiness alone is not enough to make something interesting or stand out to me.

Also, I second Stefan’s Motoko suggestion. Of course, the GitS character I’d most like to see a DIY cosplay for is one of the Tachikomas, but I recognize that’s not really a feasible option. Yet.

Do a Sound of Music cosplay; you would look totally hot in that black and white dress in that super sexy “Hills are Alive” scene. And make sure you spin around in circles on the Alps when you do the video.

TheDebra Sanchez they had a DIY pet costumes. I would Die to see a little Yorkie or something fuzzy and adorable wear a slave Leia costume, if I had a dog, I’d do it, but it would be so cute!

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