Overwatch Devil Mercy Transformation! Cosplay makeup tutorial

I don’t mind Suzy in the least but I can see where that criticism comes from. I do not think people hate on her just because she is a “girl” because there are a TON of successful female youtubers out there.

I mean with practice and such she can get over the awkwardness to her videos. It is a confidence issue. My criticisms is that she lacks confidence, which is a shame, but also there have been several times where she has gotten sour due to the shenanigans going on in videos that aren’t even hers. It gave off a “holier than thou” feeling.

Confidence matters way more than makeup anyway. This also coming from a girl who doesn’t wear makeup, and feels like she is attractive. If you’re happy with how you are, makeup or not, then people will appreciate you more.

It really is about confidence. I wouldn’t even assume Suzy feels less confident without her usual heavy eyeliner-style makeup. It’s a look she loves and it has become quite iconic on her. Putting on makeup is just part of a routine much like dressing yourself, styling/combing/brushing your hair etc. When talking about daily looks that is. Talking down to people wearing makeup is so overdone.

I love how suzy explains each step and makes sure you can see how she does everyone. as someone who is juts getting into makeup she’s so helpful because she explains things better than other tutorial shows that kinda assume you know everyone even when it says beginner. Basically suzy is the best.

yeah that is true but often times with makeup tutorials I’ve found they won’t say how exactly they’re doing their eyes or face or whatever, or how their brushes are working. often times makeup tutorials act like you already use it regularly suzy doesn’t do that. that’s what makes her different.

if you don’t like the videos she does and only her gaming ones then just watch those I respect your opinion but she doesn’t just make these there’s no need to watch. most of us like them especially people who want to cosplay as the characters she’s doing.

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