overwatch cosplay meetup – Hanzo Shot First!! – Anime EXPO 2016

It always comes as a surprise to me when I see bikini version cosplayers since I live in England where if you wore something like that outside you would freeze to death XD ! So many great cosplays tho! I loved the card that solider 76 had!

Quite similar just a few differences with fandoms and popularity of some characters! I’ve noticed that in the UK we tend to have more comic book characters/ tv shows/ western cartoons just because until the past few years anime wasn’t as main stream and also we still don’t really have a lot of anime merch in the uk or tv channels that play anime. Our cons are also a lot smaller then over in america, I think our biggest con only has 100K people over the three days it’s on as a record number, most cons only have around 4K for ‘big’ one’s and only about 800 hundred – 1.5K for regular 4 day conventions.

Cool Grant! Like the cosplay but also the music. Makes me want to listen to the swedish bitbop band, SlagsmĂ„lsklubben. Your head get’s fucked up tough after 30 minutes, haha.

Its not your cup of tea and that’s fine. But in hopes to help you keep an open mind let me ask you this, do you watch movies? because by terms of what cosplayers are technically actors in your favorite tv shows and movies are cosplaying. And if you are thinking “well they get paid to do that” that may be true, but if you ever see people playing a game of basket ball would you think that they are freaks because the are having fun with their hobby and not doing it professionally? I think not. Its how I see people who spend so much money on their car, personally If I did that I would feel like its a waste of money but other people find that investing thousands of dollars into their ride makes them happy and that’s alright by me.

most of the time cosplay with armor can be bulky and difficult to get from place to place in, this convention center was so big that even in the 4 days we had I didnt get to see every section of it and with tons and tons of people there i would prefer being mobile at this event, just look at 0:53 she had trouble getting down the stairs.

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