Tracer butts and play of the game confirmed? In collaboration with so many of my cosplay friends! I hope you like some of the easter eggs in this video along with some game action and references.

We all worked hard as fans of the game to come together and make this a reality via the recent anime/comic con expo and through hours upon HOURS of cosplay making from all our friends across Europe, we hope you like this video! cannot thank enough all the cosplayers who helped in making this possible and you can be sure there will be round 2 later this year!

Featuring some of my favourite Overwatch cosplays from the weekend of May MCM Expo 2016 – filmed in London. We had a slew of characters missing BUT Expect Ice Walls and RyĆ«jin no ken wo kurae, tons of fun and a challenge filming this – hope you guys enjoy!

Somewhere Ackson is sitting in front of his desktop with a smug look on his face saying “I was the first one to do these….well I wasn’t but I made it popular”.

you can tell these models never played overwatch in their life. but they attempt to make it appear so. good try but i rather watch cosplayers that actually take interest when they play with costumes.

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