I feel like her friends told her last minute and she bought the guns got a bikini and said she was tracer, and the fact that they didnt even bother making the guns…… bought dvas headphones on the internet i think all they made was the widow headpiece the rest is just junk in those costumes.

peace keeper has 6 fucking rounds, so if mccree’s deadeye was to be used, 6 people would only die, but then how about the rest? they ran away even before mccree shot them, so the last part is just fucking weird and hilarious.

cosplay should be made for anyone to interpret it how they want to. Its a really warm and welcoming community for the most part, and I don’t think it’s right to criticize someone this was for something they love and worked hard on.

Ok I gotta know cause I want to cosplay Junkrat. the one guy who cosplayed him had his leg behind him. was the peg only used for the photo shoots? or can you actually walk with it?

The hanzo sweep shot was so smooth! My flycam struggles so hard when i introduce a dutch tilt to my shot and it just vibrates for days </3 Some cool variety cosplays for sure in this vid, I wish I can be a better videographer like you guys Upside down shots for the win.

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