All these creative and good quality cosplays, and then I have to deal with all these unproffesional and uncreative cosplayer dipshits in Germany that barely have any variations or creative ideas, and overall everything they pull off is barely good.

Problem is she is never or rarely seen at conventions. And she tends to do the cliche “look im so good at cosplay” cosplays, such as word of warcraft armors, nothing else worth mentioning. And she and maybe about 20 others in germany are good at cosplay craftsmanship, everybody else seems like they are just starting out with cosplay. And that’s for the whole country, now look at the US, every conventions has a crap ton of cosplayers at the level of Kamui.

It’s just sad and frustrating when I see what cosplay could be, just to see a bunch of half-assed cosplays here in Germany, where people focus more on getting the newest character done as fast as possible, and not quality.

I’ve been following you guys for a while now. Your videos are the best. I have an idea, how about if at the end of the video you put the social media of the people you recorded? You could have a little square with their picture on it and just add their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. next to it. It would be pretty cool and it would add a lot to your videos. Thanks for your attention. God loves you a lot.

I am so sick of these “hot girls”, who don’t give a damn about real geek culture and likely tormented anyone who seemed geeky or nerdy while growing up. coming in and co-opting cosplay for their own selfish attention-whoring agendas.

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