No. 9 youtube Cosplay Video – Operetta Monster High Doll Cosplay

Emma shows you how to do your Halloween costume / cosplay makeup like Monster High’s Operetta.

0:00hunting guides me or any groups are you
0:03scale going to give you a star athlete
0:08its like the money practice
0:11if trying from right
0:15and to have is my home and
0:18I’m fun going to use this why me games
0:22yep it’s def every like 30 yeah I’m
0:25I got a little I remember fashion and I just Kate member should take away from
0:29what are you just wait till it turns off the new vaccine
0:35me fees get me
0:38day strokes
0:55yeah I need to get this why I and despite he is a scan through part of my
1:02its just the same thing it won’t be safety and the like
1:06I still have to get a little nutty 12 I
1:10tell it to nothing
1:15and want me to face to make electrical
1:32yeah i think is the lovely he had a white pickup yeah
1:36thank you no it thank you yellow
1:40Mimi anything yeah for me a heat pack
1:53it’s not me 1992 playin my creative
1:56I month you
2:09from you slide your mom
2:12for me funny stories on my problem
2:22not going to fix my on the mic
2:29now I’m still for many have
2:38CNN my mom he’s going to lose outlining in stock
2:42flock alright pike
2:54Hannah Montana me and I and my mom is going to contact you
3:13it’s not only them for five f1 the unique look
3:26yeah and going to be
3:29my mass yeah
3:38so now I can gather I will be back
3:41with many ways for this company the whole I love with in love that I have
3:46no I’m way to make after you
3:52are Miami this last spring that peace
3:55flap super for me
3:59story for down make sure you lots
4:04Rep Rochelle Goyle mocks me a week after on the remix
4:08school any a week after the lapse self
4:13what’s not to like her

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