No. 10 youtube Cosplay Video – Halloween Monster High Doll Cosplay

Emma shows you how to do your Halloween costume / cosplay makeup like Monster High’s Purrsephone and Meowlody!

0:00thank you honey
0:03to create day it my
0:08yes hakeem so fresh and even less now Israel standard safety
0:15I’m and I am a fresh tracks
0:18my breast and I just just run around like this is something
0:23and I’m it way for it to my screen
0:27analyze where nasa say paid
0:31both with the same a cat self I
0:34president I’m gonna get that last part startup hi
0:39but now I’m SLI felt like I need another the dark
0:53I love you over to finally their lives right here
0:56so I would just come in and out for some I got a great
1:05early next year to make this tactic not agree with that
1:09hines 30 you can see my time and money
1:13so now I’m going to be interesting thanks yeah I’m attack a
1:28now lying to you my
1:30I shall have to get out right perhaps yeah I’m just going
1:36from send moved to Michigan yeah I
1:39make it yeah act excess
1:42after party closet
1:46after party there yeah
1:49clues yeah unifil along with black
1:54knapsack miles yeah
2:13yeah you can be like Hallett
2:21review think that and man
2:24too much copyright cell I’m rules
2:28had me sec miss
2:31huh marked like nah
2:35use my yeah
2:41high-tech nap I
2:43because thank you yeah your Heights you
2:47I am NOT final
2:50yeah yeah
2:55get 150 height
3:04hi Nick I’m gonna hi sleep honey
3:09thats we have to go to store ask the Scottish

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