Night Elf Makeup: World of Warcraft – Makeup Tutorial

I think some of you are taking me covering my face up in the beginning as a sign that I don’t like showing my face. I really don’t care. I was just doing that as a funny intro like “oh don’t look at me hehehe” but I guess I failed…. lol Came off wrong, I Guess.

I’ve showed my face plenty of times in different videos. If any of you are that curious, as too what I look like. You can go to my Instagram page. I have some pictures there. There’s nothing wrong with my face, I’m not trying to hide anything at all. You guys are all being silly.

I know this video is older buutt, I would like to know how you made that moon chain headband?! I’ve looked everywhere for one like it but, can’t find it… I want to do a look similar to this for halloween & I really want to make a headband like this one!

This is the first time I’ve seen your hair. I’ve always thought it was lighter from your picture. But it’s beautiful! I’ve wanted teal hair for about a year now and your hair makes me want it more since it so pretty!! What color was your hair originally? Cause my hair is a chocolate brown making it hard to dye light colors.

you should know that you are seriously the prettiest girl in the world. you are super beautiful!! you shouldn’t cover your face because you are absolutely beautiful and if people can’t accept you for who you are, then they need to open their eyes because like your gorgeous girl! stay fabulous mitty!

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