Nidalee Transformation | League of Legends Cosplay

League of Legends is one of my favorite games so I wanted to share my creation of my version of the champion Nidalee from the game. She’s one of my favorite champions to play so I hope you enjoy my transformation video into Nidalee. If you enjoyed it, let me know, yes? I literally squeal where ever I am when I read a comment on any of my videos.

Lol I have a hard time gaining weight too, I lose weight when I stop trying to gain for some weird reason. I am a pecking eater, but my boyfriends family got me eating regularly. Eat a lot of protein and whatnot? All I know is I went from 100 to 115 pounds in a year.

I think these are Desio Forrest Green. I may be wrong but they look exactly like Desios… Anddd I literally just found her channel a few minutes ago because she commented on a video reviewing Desio contacts hahaha started creeping because her vids looked interesting.

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