New Star Wars Rebels Characters at Disneyland – Wookie Welcome Party 2015

Yeah she’s stunning up close absolutely one of the most beautiful girls I’ve laid eyes on though her colour contacts were a bit creepy up close lol. Great skin though and a beautiful smile she was super nice.

It’d be cute if there was a Zeb guy out there like, “We can meet some people, but I don’t give hugs! ……..Okay, maybe I’ll give a few.” And I’d hug him the entire time. Forget the kids.

That is alot of pressure for the actors who do that at disney especially for those who play as Ezra and Sabine and especially vwhen they get slightly heckled by the crowd ir audience that takes alot of confidence.

obviously to other people its like a stage fright to 100s of people but what ezra and sabine just did up there man they must have done plenty of rehearsing or something butt as you said it does take a lot of confidence.

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