Naruto cosplay-Otaku Rengo cosband

This is amazing I love this Sasuke and KAKASHI tho omg their fight was amazing the best I’ve ever seen as cosplay but when Sasuke jumped on Kakashi I melted that was the cutest thing EVER and it was so smooth too.

does anyone know what is the martial art that Kakashi and Sasuke tavam using the struggle of the two? please talk to me you know that I speak Portuguese Brazil.

Why didn’t they kiss he was wearing a mask not like it could have actually HAPPENED. (If it happened): why didn’t he take off the mask?!?!? Yaoi fangirls never get enough.

It’s all normal , and your like this is pretty cool, the fighting is awesome, and then you get to 4:20 and your like wow, this escalated quickly.

Even though I had no idea what was being said… I really thought it was amazing! Kakashi vs Sasuke was really awesome and I lost it when they went to yaoi haha I never laughed so hard like biggest plot twist ever.

Even if i didnt understand anything they said but this was freaking Amazing! and Kakashi VS Sasuke! Amazingly done! Great work guys and girls!

Great play. Although I don’t understand a single word, I thought it was good. Oh yea, since when did Kakashi and Sasuke become a popular yaoi pairing. Should have been naruto x sasuke.

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