MOMOCON 2016 – Cosplay in Atlanta

Warning about OMNI HOTEL ATLANTA – As special guests of MomoCon, the Omni was supposed to put our charges on the payment method supplied by MomoCon. But the Omni charged my credit card. The GM has ignored my emails. Until further notice, I would avoid booking The Omni Hotel in Atlanta, GA. Other than that, we had a great time at MomoCon. UPDATE – After an investigation, my bank concluded the Omni Hotel was in the wrong and got my money back.

Hey Beatdown, love your work, absolutely fantastic been watching all your stuff lately… I have a Nikon D610 which I’ve been using primary for photography. However I’ve been messing with the video functions at some of the comics cons recently and I’m not crazy with my results. I find my camera has difficulty handling movement, anytime I move the camera, or my subject moves to quickly, the image blurs momentarily and it looks very unprofessional…any suggestions ?

Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. But its really not something to be scared about. Think of a convention as any other event, just with way more nerdy stuff and people, who enjoy the same things as you do.

I do hope you’ll come back to Animazement. I really missed two of your friends when they showed up there in 2015. I went pass them, not knowing who they were (but had awesome costumes), and was shocked that I saw them from your Mario Warfare series. I hope they’ll be back again as well. Miss you lots! I really hope to meet you next year or later on.

A weeaboo is someone who is obnoxiously obsessed with Japanese culture and anime, tries to act Japanese and speak it after learning the language from anime. These congoers are nowhere near acting like weeaboos. They’re just out having a great time. I’m happy to be part of the cosplay community. Nice try trolling, though.

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