MOMOCON 2015 – Cosplay Celebration

WOW! People actually know about that game and dress up! I always feel like Planetside 2 is such a small game, and nobody ever talks about it even though it’s amazing!

Kind of funny the PacMan cosplayers have Atari logos on their costumes, and it’s a Namco game. Kind of like restoring a ’69 Camaro and putting a Ford logo on the hood!

I Love this Blonde Cosplayer at 3:24min. ADD ME blonde babe on facebook, All for You Incredible electronic composition with amazing melodies, smooth synths and pads, massive groove and great uplifting mood. Hope at 2:34 min. is a masterpiece! (I also like Best Days and all Blonde Babes on this video).

Yup, Cosplay is about fun and having a good time. But it’s also about looking good and representing your character well. Most female anime(Asian) characters just can’t be done well by most Caucasian women. They should stick to characters where their body frame and faces are closer to the character’s they’re trying to portray. i.e. A petite Asian girl really can’t pull off an Amazon jungle queen.

What you just said is false. Anyone should cosplay who they want. It doesn’t matter what “race” you are. I’m black and I cosplay whoever I want and I don’t care what anyone says. It doesn’t matter who you are. It’s about fun, not a popularity contest and only restricting to characters matching one’s race.

Yea, anyone can do it, but, because if how you look is a complete departure from the original character, then I don’t think you’re doing that character any justice. I mean, if you’re a huge 100lb overweight man trying to play a small asian female character like Sailor Moon. I mean C’mon. That’s just plain terrible, wrong, and totally does the character injustice. Some people have the physical attributes that lend themselves well to particular characters, some people do not. It’s that simple. Sure, if you wanna dress up as any character you want, go ahead, but if you totally do not portray that character well enough, you’re going to come off looking as an idiot to most. Fine, if you wanna do it, go ahead.

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