Mercy Overwatch Makeup Tutorial/Cosplay

Omg I can hear Tom Cassell/TheSyndicateProject/SyndicateCentral in the back at the start. I can’t wait for the collab to be released for us to watch. You did an amazing job on your and Tom’s makeup, Lex btw.

You know… life takes us down strange roads. You go along, everything seems normal, and then one day you wake up and realize you’ve just put black paint in your armpits for the internet.

Dying to know if those are your real eye colour or contacts. If they are contacts, may I ask where you got them? I’ve been trying to find a perfect blue just like that.

Omg I saw the peek on snapchat this is amazing you are great and gifted and I am sad I missed the meet and greet in New York. Ok I’m done ranting. Bye.-love Mark

Any of the masked people would be cool, so Zenyatta (omg that would be awesome), Genji, Soldier: 76, or Reinhardt! Those have such cool details.

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