Luna Lanie (Cidney) Interview: Anime Expo 2015

Actually it was called the final Fantasy because Square was going broke. It was going to be their last game, their Final Fantasy. If it’s still called that, it’s because the final fantasy has taken flight and endures throughout.

my kind of interview lol and if you watch any of my stuff on my channel you’ll understand why if you can leave me a couple of time and maybe even a couple of thumbs up on my YouTube page I would definitely appreciate it hope you like it not as good as your stuff.

Why edit out the moments where she was making jokes? The brazzers joke ,and the “let’s check” cut right before, even if we got the suggestion.

Seeing as that’s the original version of the game and all others are made to culturally appeal to other countries, Cidney’s most valid. Just like Tina is more valid than Terra in Final Fantasy VI. Or how a lot of character and enemy names change between countries once it leaves Japan solely due to language or cultural reasons.

Cindy is personally a stupid change when she fulfils the role of a Cid and is already Cidney in the original version of the game as Cindy came afterward. In any case, both names are correct so you’re not correcting anyone by saying it’s this or that because officially it’s both.

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