LOL Cosplay, Clay and Colors: Summoner Showcase

0:00Rated “T” for Teen.
0:04NIKA: Summoners, I am Nika, and it’s time to share a secret.
0:08I wish I had artistic ability. Really!
0:10I mean, I’m pretty crafty, but when it comes to loads of League of Legends fan art in all shapes and all sizes and types, it’s just overwhelming.
0:18For instance, have you seen this Headhunter Rengar?! LOOK AT IT!
0:22It was a commission made by emilySculpts, and everything from the roaring maw to the beautifully crafted armor just screams “vicious jungle creature!”
0:30Well, the pose doesn’t hurt either.
0:33Rengar’s no stranger to exploring darkened forests and overgrown temples to find his prey, but… what if he encountered something entirely new?
0:42Maokai, our twisted treant, takes on a new Earthrune-styled look from the deft hands of Chronomorph.
0:49Though his appearance often SHOULD be frightening, somehow… Maokai always seems to be a rather friendly face. I dunno why, don’t ask me why.
0:56I don’t have all the answers, I’m not a teacher. That’s Fiora. And I’m not an incredible Fiora cosplayer. That is Yaya Han.
1:04Can it be true? The incredible, famous Yaya has made a Fiora costume and modeled it so perfectly, thanks to the photographs of Martin Wong and LJinto.
1:14This certainly adds a personal touch to those top lane matchups I tend to lose.
1:18I could always switch to jungle and hang out with Vi. It seems like she and I would get along just fine… but too bad I can’t draw her as well as this.
1:26Digimitsu, you bring a scratchy sketchy appeal to this fearsome femme in a way I bet she’d appreciate.
1:32This would work great on her band poster, if she was in a band… I bet she’s in a band. I mean, maybe she’d be the drummer!
1:39I got a little inspired to try drawing her myself, and… um… you can tell she’s human…
1:46Okay, here’s something that might suit me better: cosplay. And I know when I need any advice I can easily call up Chubbi Bani.
1:53This Nami costume debuted at Anime Expo awash in detail and traditional flair!
1:58It can’t be easy to walk around in a mermaid fin all day, especially not when you have red colored contacts in. That is COMMITMENT.
2:05Cosplay IS a commitment. Because for the first time, I think ever, this cosplay was finished and debuted even before the champion came out.
2:13Lucian, your timing is as impeccable as your style.
2:17Yes, the guns glow.
2:19Yes, you strike fear into the hearts of the impure, and KADU-OUT has surely inspired more than one person to shell out some IP for this classy champ.
2:27That wraps up this show, and not a moment to spare, because I want to get back to art practice.
2:32So I drew another champion and… it kind of looks like Maokai… and kind of looks like Malphite…
2:37So pick up a pen, or a brush, and we will see you next episode.

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