Lightning Final Fantasy Makeup Transformation – Cosplay Tutorial

I am not into cosplay or FF13, but when I saw your thumbnail I thought you just used a lightning image from the game, then I looked closer and thought “No way” and I actually sat down and watched your entire video. You are talented, and this is coming from a habitual hater.

Just ever so slightly more indifference and or seriousness (I know, those words are opposite, but she is “Mona Lisa” like if you know what I mean) in the face, and you’d be a dead ringer.. Great job!

Oh my god!! ur lighting looks is the most accurate I have ever seen! I feel like seeing lightning alive straight out from the game, mind blowing! u earn one more subscriber here.

When I was first looking at the thumbnail, I thought it was so odd that you put a picture of the non-transformed you next to a shot of in-game Lightning. My brain was tricked by the left picture looking EXACTLY LIKE HER. UNCANNY! Fantastic job. And hey, are you excited for FFXV, then?

i am cosplayer and i have made like 6 characters and they look great but i think if i used the amount of make up you use they would be awesome. something problematic for me are my eyebrows which are thick and hard to hide.

Your cosplay is so beautiful! I’m wanting to do a lightning cosplay for my next convention but never cosplayed before and overall a bit discouraged because I am mixed and my skin is a very light coffee color. It’s hard since anime/videogame characters are usually pale and I’m not. I want to really pull off my first cosplay but I don’t know what to do other than wear very pale foundation, I don’t want to seem like I am not proud of my skin color, any advice?

I usually advise to work with your own skintone and go 1-3 shades lighter for highlights and 1-3 darker for contour. There are so many beautiful cosplays out there that look amazing even if the skin doesn’t exactly match the character, people get just as excited to see their favorite character . At the end of the day though, it’s totally up to you. I don’t see it as being un-proud of your skin color, some people like to be really accurate! And if sucks there aren’t more options to choose from with many anime or video games characters!

I know this has nothing to do with the main content of the video but I am just curious. Do the people in Florida speak like you do? Maybe it’s just my ears, but I think you sound closer to British or at least more neutral than other Americans I have seen. i am not a native speaker, so please pardon me if this question is completely out of place.

I actually get asked if I’m from Europe a lot even though I was born and raised in FL! So I guess I probably don’t sound like most Floridians (even though I don’t notice it myself). It probably has something to do with being home schooled and being raised not talking to many people other than my family!

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