League of Legends – Survive the forest (Live Action)

It’s kinda cool. Good effort definitely, but it has no cohesion. It feels like you just wanted to mash together some clips of recognizable skills in the game. There is no reason why they use any of them or why they even fight. And because you break the 180 degree rule quite frequently it’s hard to know where they even are in relation to each other.

For ranged cosplay characters, if they show aggression movements, display them moving forward but at the same time moving vertically around the enemy or side to side. To emulate the ADC ranged orb walking aggression and kiting. Just a touch up on GPs soaked weapon using visual effects, (then again funding was probably an issue.)

have anyone yet fount the name of the music played because the secestion studios have many differend music and i checked them all and still didnt find it. ill be gratefull if anyone helps me out.

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