League of Legends real life

Report Annie for being cute. Report Ezreal for getting charmed. Report Sona for running away. Report Lux for having a witch skin. Report Ahri for having like 4 tails that were plastic and furry.

All of you calling people ugly, have you look in the fucking mirror? Try and do something like this and post it online. You’ll get shit tons of hate like you did on this video.

everyone here is broken. ahri first skill half lifed sona. undamaged ahri get 1 hit deleted by ez ult. everyone goes afk. but seriously.

at the beginning I had my LOL tab open, looking for a 5v5 summoner rift match, and while I was watching this, the beginning sounded like the noise it makes when it found you a match, so I checked at my LOL tab, replayed it and realised it was the sound from the video lol.

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