League of Legends Cosplayer Takes It To The Next Level

Cosplay – get sexy or get the fuck out. If you are a fat pig….cosplay Gragas and don’t expect to be taken seriously when you down a Zed costume and your fat rolls are bulging through the gaps. I also found some very “interesting” Katarinas…..how the fuck would you be an assassin when tying your shoelaces ends up in a cardiac arrest?

Well, there’s artistical freedom in it, check Jessica Nigris road hog, not close to the original whatsoever, she needs to add some pounds, the same goes the other way around. You can basically do whatever you want with cosplay.

Literally the only cosplay so far that’ve caught my eye, just couldn’t leave without mentioning how awesome I think this looks. I’d definitely watch more of this but sadly I have a feeling cosplayers tend to use their costume once and then never again because it has been done already. Eitherway thanks for this!

I know you commented a while ago but I just want to say this. Personally as a Cosplayer I will certainly wear costumes I am proud of more than once, particularly those that manage to survive the day! Time and effort is put into the costume so I’d hope to wear it as many times as I’d like!

yeah she really take cosplay to the Next level i remember the Oriana and Sej cosplay was insanely great good texture and material and Acting like the champion she is really talented and we need more cosplayer’s like her in this earth.

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