League of Legends Cosplay Event in DreamHack

No wonder they deleted this from their twitch stream history. Holy fucking christ. This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. It makes that ‘dedidated wam” shit form Minecraft Con look like blockbuster movie. Why are all of their props so fucking huge? Like, they are so big and look super goofy.

these hosts or most of the weirdest people you could find in this planet, these are the people in high school no one fucks with cause they make EVERYTHING awkward.

This is what hapends when you insted of experience get a jobb to make it 50/50. Becaus sadly when all the good girls dont want the jobb they cant choose the good guys and have to go whit this.

Those without sin cast the first stone. If you are a public person who never messed upp or done something cringy on stage bravo to you. I think it was decent, sure some cringe. But considering all the work it takes to host this kind of event, i know i wouldnt do better. Keep upp the good work DH.

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