League of Legends Cosplay Boogie – PAX East 2016 | Community Collab

Hello fellow people, i do not understand the culture of “cosply” how does it summon the attraction into you ? do you receive pleasure in disguising yourself as a virtual character? please provide me with detailed information.

It’s been awhile since I’ve really been on facebook and I definitely don’t see posts from the cosplayer pages I’ve liked as much. But I knew I had seen you two before. Just changed both of you to see first on facebook though, so that should help me see more posts again.

some of these are so good! since these people do so many different ones at each cosplay and as a hobby, what do they do with the rest? sell them? like the HUGE thresh one was sick. I imagine people would legit buy it.

I totally love this video and seeing how everyone is so happy from cosplaying their favorite champions (Even if they dont exactly fit the image) They still look very nice and with the editing of the editor just pulls everything together! I get so sqiurmy watching this video and watching all the PEOPLE COSPLAYING! Especially all the cute girls <3 I love it so much! Youre all so dedicated to the game and the life of league and its awesome to have so many people be so enthusiastic and I wish i were there Great video,Great people, and great community.

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