League of Legends Challenger Ahri Cosplay Makeup

That’s an opinion you make about yourself, but by what others are thinking, you are a low-life bitch who ruins other people’s life because you are so stuck up. People like you need to stop because you ruin this world we live in.

Omg i just wanted to show my best friend you acne recovery to give her hope that her face can get better, too. And then I saw this video and was totally amazed because I absolutely love league.

Why everyone forgets the whiskers ahri has No but you look super suuuper cute in this cosplay & this tutorial helped me so much, i never know how to do the Eyeliner.

Do you have any suggestions on what anime’s i should check out? Don’t really have type just as long as they’re good, also where to find them? Thank you!

Off to an anime con tomorrow so this was perfect timing! Your Ahri looks amazing and I love this tutorial. Got to get some of that Dollywink lash glue- nothing worse than eyelashes falling off mid photoshoot…. /story of my life.

That body shop brush looked so soft! I remember feeling their limited edition poppy one and it was lush 😀 I think I need to take a trip to get those eyeliners as well! You looked amazing 🙂 I wish I had boobs like yours heh!

yay! thumbs up for another video!! thats so niiice!!!! Challenger Ahri!! i am liking the costume. <33 hope u get the chance to attend the anime convention at LA too. omg pikachu is so adorable!

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