KINDRED: League of Legends Cosplay Time-lapse PART1&2

NeroTM Art I never said I just don’t have the supplies, even if I did I wouldn’t make any costumes cause it’s not something I would enjoy. Knowledge about physics are you joking? Anyone can draw paint and sew, it’s easy when you are making an exact copy of something. You have to realize that this is just COPYING a design. You are giving way too much credit. Making an original work from scratch, that would take some talent. But this isn’t talent, it’s just copy paste.

Most people think she’s just a pair of Boobs but she’s is actually super talented creative costume designer, humble and really down to earth. great video.

To be honest, some years ago I though Jessica was just a pretty woman wearing costumes that other people made, but then I saw the video that she was making Kindred’s bow. That was the reason I started folowing her. My mind was blown. I never knew she was so talented. I don’t care if her boobs are bloody big, this girl deserves our respect for everything she has achieved, cause it all came because of her talent.

I can see where everyone is coming from with her being really talented, because she is. But a majority of people view her on her looks because that is whats displayed mostly on this channel, so you can’t really blame them.

Where do you buy the lights you use? I’m going to katsucon and I’m making a Pok√©mon cosplay and I’m debating incorporating lights for the first time.

Big fan and hopefully an aspiring ameteur cosplayer. After seeing yours and several other cosplayers at conventions, I’d felt the urge to create my own cosplays. Gotta start somewhere, and figured the best place would be with questions. I was womdering what the black material you used in the video to make your armor pieces, since I’m hoping to make some cosplays with armor, but can’t work with metal. It’d be a huge help, thanks.

It’s like a gymnastik mat. Just search for it. there are also many cosplayshops which sell it cheap. You can warm it up with a heat gun and it gets elastic and stays in the form you put it when it cools down. Worbla is also usefull for cosplays to make armor and weapons.

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