Kindred Cosplay Spotlight

Everyone still waiting on that one really, how meta can we go with this, reminds me of that tweet lindsey jones made in which she walked into a bathroom at rtx austrailia and found a cosplay for her two roles in rt animated series, the scientist girl from xray and vav and ruby from rwby.

Hey Cinder, how do you like your new power and new alien snow queen look? Do you like being badass? I look forward to seeing you take on the face of your greatest character (I mean cosplay Cinder).

I’m doing a Kindred cosplay with my best friend this upcoming summer. We were going to go more with the original design but settled on making them more humanized. I really like your lamb design and I want to use it as inspiration. I love it! Great job!

actually it’s from a game, named league of legends and kindred is a jungle character is older than chiara bautista drawing i love her but i must say they are totally different.

I was wondering if you done any miniature figure/model painting? Check our Warhammer 4oK and Reaper Miniatures for some really cool cosplay ideas as well. You would make a totally AWES OME Sister of Battle. Great channel and Videos!!

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